Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A long lunch……

I don’t often write about the people I meet at Thrupp but today was special. Andy and Helen arrived on Wandering Bark towing their new addition Montgomery, the Jam Butty. DSCF1396 I was carrying my camera but did I get a picture of them going through the bridge? No!

They had to moor up down by the Jolly Boatman due to the inconsiderate mooring of others. Sorry but there is no room for a 20 foot privacy space between boats at a place like Thrupp. I walked down the towpath to meet them for lunch.

James and Doug on Chance were moored opposite the Boat Inn taking up the honey spot. We all went to lunch in the Boat Inn about 1 o’clock.DSCF1388

Doug, James, Andy, Helen and yours truly

After we ate we repared to Chance and were soon joined by Gary and Della Muleless and then Andy and Richard, Carpe Diem. This continuation of ‘lunch’ went on until 10 that evening.


Me, Helen, Della, James, Richard, Andy, Andy, Gary


Molly as usual was trying to steal the limelight.


Monday, 21 July 2014

On politics

David Cameron describes Michael Gove as one of his most powerful ministers. That DC admits to this is an indication that he is not fit for purpose. If this weird looking arsehole is powerful there is some serious rot in politics.

I don’t know about you but I would like to think that the people in charge could at least punch their way out of a wet paper bag in a brawl. Yes I know there are those that will say fighting doesn’t prove anything, but they would be wrong. A good scrap proves a determination to win in spite of the opposition.

John Prescott now he could swing a punch. He says what he means like any good northerner.

At least with Churchill you knew when he sent men into the fray he knew what it was like, having been there himself. Politicians should have to prove themselves in a field other than politics to ensure we get people who can stand up and go toe to toe with those that would put this country down. Gove is a wimpy looking little snot who seems to be the kind if geek the big boys buggered. Maybe he got his job as an apology for bad treatment in the past.

Edit: And then Dave fired him! WTF?

My question……

My bank wants to change the security system. Currently I have to give my ‘nickname’ when I sign then some digits from my password then my security question. Now I can chose how I want to bank online. I can sign up to an app on my i-phone or have a data card or stay as I am. This is bollocks I don’t have an i-phone so that is not an option that is open to me. I don’t want a data card so I am left with the third option, but by rejecting the first two options I am not allowed to even send my bank a message cannot make a new payment to someone who I have not paid before and a whole raft of other functions are being taken away, things that are important to personal banking. In short that is not an option I want either.

What gets me is the only time I have ever lost money from a bank account it was the bank that took it ($245) and they never gave it back. My question is who are they protecting me from?

Monday, 14 July 2014

Dear neighbour,

I know you are having problems with your batteries. You did explain that to me three days ago. You also said that given your batteries have not taken a charge all day they must be knackered. So why do you think you may be able to get them to charge by running your engine again for twelve hours today. It is not ok to run your engine until late into the night. Your problems are not my problems. The rules are quite explicit engine off at eight. You have been running your engine since about nine o’clock this morning, if your batteries have not taken on a charge all day they will not charge any more after eight. There is no fecking excuse, AT ALL!!!

No your engine noise is not obtrusive to you, but you are watching your TV. I don’t watch TV and it is obtrusive to me.

Instead of inviting your family around you could have ordered the batteries. If you cannot fix it then go out into the countryside where there is no one else to bother.

Signed Pissed off neighbour

PS A dead battery is a dead battery. If you connect it to Didcot power station it will still be a dead fecking battery!

Friday, 4 July 2014

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Those mooring proposals again!

The CRT has published a draft of a new mooring proposal which, they hope, will ease the mooring situation in London. In seeking to improve the visitor mooring situation they canvassed, among others, the very people who are causing the problem in the first place! That’s a bit like giving the Lions the keys to the Zoo!

There are plenty of Visitor Moorings in London for visitors. The problem which CRT, formerly BW, are failing to address is that the majority of VMs users are most certainly NOT visitors.

The real problem that needs to be addressed is residential moorings. Unfortunately if ever space is found in London to build residential moorings the cost will be prohibitive and few if any will be able to afford them.

There is no affordable housing in London so people come to the water. There are no affordable residential moorings in London so where next? Visitor moorings are not the answer!

London’s housing problems should not be CRTs problem. For Local Authorities to think that it is beggars belief. Let London’s LAs find the space for affordable housing/mooring.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Think again!

The CRT is to appoint a Boating Waterways Liaison Officer. This has come about because the Waterways Chaplaincy do not have the resources to be a viable solution.

Excuse me, but, this hasn’t been thought through. Instead of hiring another high cost member to the clan why not help the Chaplaincy with funding so it can be a viable solution? It could be called. . . . . . . . . . Contracting Out!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Saturday Moon


Collecting for Charity


These two chaps came through Thrupp on Friday afternoon. By the time we had finished chatting and Paul (standing) had finished cajoling the passing punters they had done very well. Well done Boys!!

Sunday, 8 June 2014


There is a blue boat called Valhalla. The man that drives it is a total arse. Excessive speed between two rows of boats, pulled a couple of boats off their pins. As I said in the last post the mooring here is soft. His argument that we should tie up properly is vacuous in that it is the continuous speeding of fecking morons like him that softens the bank in the first place. Were he just to operate his boat in the accepted manner this would never happen.

No he didn’t get a visit from the boys they couldn’t fecking catch him.

Saturday, 7 June 2014


Some arsehole has just come speeding past the 14 day moorings at Shipton. These official CRT moorings are, through no fault of ours, on a soft bank and the bank is a long curve making mooring difficult at best. It is raining this morning and the top is very soggy so we boaters are not happy to go out and re-tie boats because of some inconsiderate fecking Muppets that cannot follow simple rules! If you want to go fast get a fecking bus!

I swear the next boat to come speeding by is going to get a visit from the boys!

Friday, 6 June 2014


My doctor said I need to reduce my stress level. To do this I need to stop interacting with fascists bullies.

Well that’s Facebook and Twitter  gone then.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

And another one!

Over eight years I have been a single hander. I enjoy my boating. I like being around people, but value those times of solitude when I don’t see another boat for days on end. There are times when it is nice to have help, usually at places like the Hatton flight, but more often I don’t want help. I find that if my routine is ‘invaded’ then things go wrong.

Last night, wanting to spend the night in the country, I slipped my ropes and chugged slowly up to Shipton Weir Lock. Arriving at the lock I gently nosed up to the gate, danced down the gunnel and stepped of with my windlass to work the lock. Once through I reversed down the river and moored just there alongside the lock.

I never expect anyone to help here. Its a slow lock. Most people say it is a hard lock, but that’s about being impatient. Shipton is an easy lock. What makes it hard is trying to open it before its ready. It’s a ‘tea’ lock. Open the paddles and go make a cuppa. When you come back you will be able to open the gate easily.

So after mooring I lit the fire (well it was a bit chilly) did the washing up then got a shower. The rain started. In my dressing gown I opened the side hatch and watched as another single hander worked the lock.

It was a big boat that I had seen over the weekend with crew, but he was on his own now.
“Just watching then?” he said.
Did he expect me to help?
“Yes, I‘m not dressed for locking,” I said.
Why did he expect me to help? He never said another word, just ignored me. When he opened the top gate I said I would close it for him. I can’t think for the life of me why I said this! It was only as I walked to the lock, in my dressing gown and slippers, in the fecking rain, that he got chatty. As he pootled off up the river I closed the gate.

If you are a single hander you will never learn your ‘craft’ if you keep on expecting others to help, and expecting half naked crusty old boaters to help is just going to scare the wildlife!

What an arse!

A  single handed boater came through the bridge yesterday. He did things right until he got back on his boat to bring it through. I have never seen anyone go through at full throttle before.

I closed the bridge and took his key back. I said “I wonder how many fish you have just killed”

He said, “Well I had to do that to get round the corner to pick up my key”

“Funny that no one else does, must be you, said I.

I was not telling the whole truth, most people don't speed like that but some do. And I have to wonder why? Unless the wind is high and blowing off the water point you can round that corner at tick over or half cruising speed or even cruising speed but full throttle? No! only the end of a bell would do that or a drunken stag driver.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Canoe at Keadby

Calling all boaters between Keadby and Braunston. I have a canoe in Keadby and I need to get it to Oxford. Is any one likely to be coming south this season who can help relay a canoe in steps down to Oxford? If the timing is right Braunston will see it meet up with Bones. If you would like to participate drop me a line with location and possible distance or location you can move it to.

Thursday, 29 May 2014


Sign here



Following a post last Saturday about the brutal murder of 5 year old Lama I found a piece I posted last year on another blog at YOU WONT BELIEVE THIS It seems there is justice of a kind for Lama.