Saturday, 28 November 2015

Thursday, 26 November 2015

I was gonna be a star

In another life I was a singer, not famous but quite good. I started singing at school when I was about 6 and never stopped. The head mistress Mrs Jessica Horsbourgh insisted I sang a solo in the school play, I was good. And every time we got a visitor to the school I had to stand up and do my piece, it used to embarrass the hell out of me.
I then progressed on to doing backing with a small rock band when I was 17. Mainly because I couldn't play the guitar. We/they were called Program. If I recall correctly we did one gig, but we practised a lot! I did the art work for our first album cover. Shame we never got a contract it was a good cover.
Then I did nothing until I got my second divorce (39), when I took up playing the guitar that I had owned for some time, to avoid becoming a couch potato. After I had learned my first song I thought 'I can do that' and set about writing. I didn't stop for about ten years.

I did my first solo gig at the Bulls Head in Aston Clinton one year after I started learning to play.

While I was learning I was a member of the local church and did my early gigs there on Sundays. I was a founder member of,
There were 7 of us, we would sing in church nearly every week much to the disdain of some of the choir. Until, that is, we started singing my compositions.
There was Margret & Steve Pay (both Lay preachers) Richie & Roz Palmer (he was an airframe fitter) Brian Ludlow (doctor) and me (lecky) & Sandra White (nurse). We played a few gigs out at other churches and shows etc. Brian's wife, Lady Margret Ludlow, was too busy bringing up the children, of which, they had a few.
After that I was moved to Wiltshire, funnily enough Richie lived there too, and we formed Old Frendz . We only did two gigs and split, but we had fun rehearsing. I still make a point of visiting Ritchie and Roz when I go home. Alas, sadly, I have lost touch with the others. Happy days.
I still own 4 guitars and I still sing and play, but only on my front porch. I write a lot, but not lyrics. Seem to have lost the touch. In my hey day I could write two songs a day.
OK it ain't over till the Fat Man sings.

PS Hard to believe with that hair, I was a Sergeant in the RAF. I still have more hair than is decent for a man of my age.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Its a brothel not a club

Conservative Minister Robert Helford MP had a six month affair with a very nice bit of totty. They met at his ‘club’. He was filmed leaving the ‘club’ with said totty. This led to his embarrassment when it was discovered that he had claimed 30,000 pounds of our hard earned taxes for his membership fees to this high class brothel. Why are we paying for this?

Robert Halfon, who was cheating on his life partner, said the most important thing to him was ‘to repair my relationship with my partner’.

No Robert you fucked up. You deceived your life partner and you stole from people who are not able to afford it. You are a crook and should go to jail. You are typical of the corrupt regime that think we will turn a blind eye to you thieving, immoral bastards in the House of Commons.


Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Phyllis May

This is the boat that went all the way from Stone to Carcassonne and down Indian River. She was burned out a couple of years ago and  and a replacement was sought buy he owner Terry Darlington. She is now back to her former glory.
DSCF4804  DSCF4806

Thursday, 19 November 2015

On the Shroppie


1000 words of lies.

You wouldn’t believe the furore raised by a simple cartoon in the Daily Mail. Had it stayed in the Mail no one would have thought any more of it, but  Kerry-Anne Mendosa the chief editor at The Canary decided to make a big deal out of it and wound up the proles for miles around. Her article starts with this headline

“The Daily Mail has sunk to an all-time low with this despicable response to the Paris attacks”.

Hardly objective. This of course sets the people who are going to read it into an emotional storm from which most will never recover. I should point out it would seem the readership are a regiment of PC Nazis! They will automatically be looking to be down on the Mail.

Mendoza follows that with another negative:-


At this point she could have shown a picture of Noddy and the PC Nazis would have spat out the anti-racist venom that appeared in the comments column. The cartoon is not a statement of what should happen, but what is happening. The Proles failed to see this!

This is the cartoon:-


The premise of Mendosa is that it is a racist piece of junk and should be banned or the cartoonist should be charged with hate crimes. Her point is that it depicts all Syrians as rats.

The way I see it there are three groups in this cartoon. There are Syrian refugees, there are suspect element (in shadow) and there are the rats. I’m not sure what the guy on the right is there for. It is my contention that the rats may represent other nationalities who are taking advantage of the Syrian situation. All three groups are being allowed IN.

Mendosa then goes on to compare the cartoon to a German cartoon from the 30s/40s. Well that was lighting the blue touch paper. The Proles went fecking ballistic.

In the German cartoon the Jews are all being kept OUT. The similarity I see is that both cartoons are graphically depicting what is/was happening and not what they want/ed to happen. You will, however, notice that all the Jews have been represented as rats unlike the other photo where rats do not appear to look like any ‘race’ in particular.

This is the German cartoon:-


What is most sad is that during my attempt to put across my point of view I was called a leftie, a rightie, a liberal, a fascist, a wanker, a pedo, (I dont get that one) a fifth columnist. While I was quite ready to try to see their point of view, which I couldn’t because there was no real objectivity just lots of missed placed emotion, not one was prepared to even consider what I said. Now I might be wrong I don’t know but I feel  sure that Mx Mendoza wrote this piece with the intention of raising Cain and she succeeded. To me she appears to be no better than the SUN or the mail. Certainly not a credible journo.

I would email Mendoza,  but couldn’t find and email addy on the site.

Come on tell me I am wrong!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


That’s a lot of money. It’s a lot of money for just about everyone unless you are a squillionaire or an MEP! Our MEPs receive €96,246.36 (£78,000) a year for a job that many of us would do for half the price. £78,000 thats about three times the national average!

Plus the EU contribution into his non-contributory pension is equal to 3.5% of his salary. We pay that! €3368.62 per year. That’s €16843.11 for the 5 year term.

All of their airfares are paid when travelling within the EUs 28 member states. FIRST CLASS!

There is an extra travel allowance up to €4,243 for trips outside of the EU on whatever official business.

MEPs are given a €304 a day "subsistence" allowance for when they're on official business. If that is only 100 days a year it totals €30,400

Add to this an MEP is allowed to claim back two thirds of all medical bills. Viagra is included on that.

MEPs can claim up to €4,299 a month to fund such things as phone bills and computers. €51,588

All MEPs seem to have a hoard of flunkies and to help them pay for that they can claim up to €21,209 a month for staffing costs. That’s €254.508 pa

And of course when the gravy train stops they will get £39,000 to ease them back into the ‘real world”.

This so the expenses can all add up to £623,067.38.

Shit I’d do it for a lot less than that.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

And again, Give up!

I see once again marina bound myopia has been switched on. Mr Gary Edwards says in  the November edition of Canal Boat Magazine that the solution to the CCer ‘problem’ is to have a higher licence fee. "Why not introduce a continuous cruiser license fee? It would seem legitimate to me that those who are continuously cruising the system would cause more maintenance and, therefore, thier use of the system should cost them more in license fees.”

“Perhaps the extra fees would be similar to the cost of a permanent mooring; this may encourage more continuous cruisers to find an approved mooring"

Now I remember this being put forward in 2004/5. The proposal then was to increase the CCer licence to 247% of the ‘normal’ licence. I and others fought very hard writing to all and sundry to stop this preposterous proposition. Now 10 years later Mr Gary Edwards drags it all up again. Does he think we have nothing better to do with our time then to fight this battle all over again? There is no CCer problem. The problem exists in the marinas. People who park up for most of the year in a horizontal block of flats. People who don’t put anything into the system. People who will call CRT to fix something they could fix themselves. People who spend their lives polishing a possession instead of getting out there and using it.

I wonder how many trees Mr Edwards has reported down. More to the point I wonder how many he has helped to remove. How many shopping trolleys has he removed from the cut? Has he ever picked up a discarded porta potti. When he moors up does he ever pick up the litter near his mooring, probably not. When he goes down the weed hatch does he take the propfoul with him or does he just discard it on the towpath like most marina myopics do. When was the last time he did something that needed doing because it seemed like a good thing to do rather than leave it to someone else because “it’s not my job.”

Apart from regular tools I have a long pole net, shears, loppers pruning cutters, pruning saw, log saw, spade, broom, litter pickers and all are used regularly. I have lost count of the times I have called CRT to report a problem and I will stay to help if I can. Shopping trolleys 3 or 4 a year, about 60 cones in 5 years and I average about three tons of rubbish every year, not to mention the 8 porta potties I have collected since 2011. My second step houses some big spanners so I can tighten and adjust mechanisms if required. I trim back over hanging trees and bushes, clear by-washes if I can.

Let me ask Mr ‘problem’ what he is prepared to pay me and others like me to keep the canals clear so he can enjoy his two weeks and odd weekends. Personally I think I am worth £20k a year plus expenses (I pay for all my tools and bin bags myself). However if I was to be paid it would be by an increase in HIS licence fee! I think CRT & MR Edwards are getting good value from my licence fee. “Me, me, me, me, me,” that’s all Mr Myopia is saying. “I want, I want, I want;” well let me tell you, you can’t have it!

My income is not great, adequate would best describe it. However 80% of my income goes into the the waterway economy, other CCers do similar. Does Mr Edwards think that all the pub and shops would survive if that money wasn’t put into the local economy? Some might but many wouldn’t.

Understand this Mr Myopia we all pay the same price for the same access to the same system. It is not us that are using it more, but you who are using it less. Campaign for lower fees for marina moorers and see how far you get, just leave us out of it. If all boating means to you is trying to screw up other boaters then you need to find something productive to do with your time, I understand ISIS are recruiting!

I will never be encouraged to be in a marina. I don't want to be stuck in a marina. I bought my boat to travel. I can do precious little travelling in a marina. So why would I pay for a permanent mooring if I was never going to use it. The CCer is a legal entity laid down in the 1995 Act. By all means campaign to change the law, but be careful what you wish for. The new law may well be nothing like you want.

You have to be a boater….

….to understand what a lash up this is. Engineering of this standard is just not acceptable!


Monday, 16 November 2015

A Heron….

….doing what herons do!

DSCF4985 DSCF4986

DSCF49891 DSCF49911 DSCF49923 DSCF49931 DSCF49941 DSCF49951 DSCF49961 DSCF49971 DSCF49981 DSCF49991  DSCF50011 DSCF50021 DSCF50031 DSCF50041  DSCF50051 DSCF50061


It’s a shame that the Diwali Festival Of Light isnt a Festival of Anti Litter. On a canal path near you!


Sunday, 15 November 2015


Some times when one is clearing the detritus of other peoples sordid lives you come across odd things in the water. I have lost count of the condoms I have seen and pairs of knickers I have disposed of. Tops jackets and jumpers trousers abound, but like everyone else often around the propeller.

I have collected about 10 full cans of beer, spoons, glasses, cups, a dog lead - two in fact! I have rescued various dolls from a watery grave and copious quantities of jewellery (some worth weighing in). Thousands of bottles, and cans likewise.

The most obnoxious are the 8 porta potties I have bagged and stored on the roof while waiting for somewhere to properly dispose of them. there was one that was absolutely full to the brim that I didn’t move, rather called CRT to tell them where it was. The next time I passed it had gone, but I was surprised however, to see that the two tyres and the bin bag of domestic rubbish that it sat on where still there, but not now.

A dozen or more shopping trolleys have travelled on my roof to the nearest store for disposal point. (Tesco in Loughborourgh must have had apoplexy when I left a very old, rusty well soaked specimen of dereliction in the trolley park)

In Leicester I retrieved 7 traffic cones which brings my total to about 60. At Nuneaton I dragged a full wheelie bin out of the water. On The Shroppie last month I found a full length of planed 3 x 2, this will do duty as a stand for Molly’s roof top basket.

But the most interesting and amusing thing I found was this:-
It is a tea light holder.

Saturday, 14 November 2015


Today I received this from 38 degrees

“It’s scary. Scary because people were enjoying their Friday nights and then worlds were turned upside down. Scary because people might react in the wrong way...And it’s so, so sad.” -
                                Laura, 38 Degrees member.

I would like to know what is the wrong way to react to an attack of this nature. These barmpots will have us rolling over and surrendering.