Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Not long now.

So today the boat progressed closer to completion. The plumbing was finished enough to lay the flooring. The last pack lies solemnly solo on the wharf. A large box of something was standing on the wharf and then was emptied, might have been my microwave or maybe not, then the box vanished.

People are still clog dancing on my roof, but work has been done. The centre rope has been tied!

The top hatch changed from the nice green one to one I don't recognise. I hope this isn't the finished article, I liked the green. I don't know who the lady is in the black, but she appears quite often and a grey haired chap who I assume is her hubby.

They must have had a coach party visiting today coz there were an awful lot of people about this morning.

The race is on now as to who will be ready first the boat or me! I have another court case next week. Fingers crossed. I could be home in 10 days, but then again it could be ten months who knows.

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