Sunday, 18 June 2006


Why is it that people say upgrade when they mean 'buy a new one'.

Upgrade may have become a dictionary definition, but only because those that write about such thing as computers, mobiles etc have misused the term in the past. When you 'upgrade' you add to or replace older components.

If you are reading this on a 486 then it is not upgradeable, but well done for persevering . The best you can do to improve on what you have is buy a totally new system. What you will have done is upgraded your life, not your computer.

The same applies to mobiles phones. Unless you actually put newer components in the phone you have you are not upgrading, you are just buying a new one. Again you have upgraded your life by buying a new component for it (the phone) not your phone.

Don't mind me it's just the way my mind works.