Thursday, 28 September 2006

All go!

Nick and Diane Smith have been on site since Saturday, they drove up from Dorset. N&D are having a wide beam built. The shell is complete. The engine is in. They are doing the paint job themselves. They have been de-rusting, de-greasing and priming since their arrival. I of course have been offering supervision skills and the occasional coffee.

The boat, MV Fleurie is going to be based in France and will be used as an extended holiday home.

Milly M is just about done. Dare I say just a few little odds and ends and I can leave. I will go out this weekend for another trip and hopefully put enough hours on the clock to warrant a first service before I leave. I want to go to Kirklees Low Lock and try and get through without my fenders on. John O mentioned that it might not be a good idea to attempt the Rochdale single handed just yet, but that would mean going through the Standedge Tunnel on the Huddersfield, which I don't want to do while the paintwork is nice and shiney. So now I have a conundrum. I plan to head over to Llangollan to visit family. What to do.


Neil Corbett said...

You have to pick up your first paint scratch sometime. What better way than in a tunnel:-). I would imagine the Rochdale single handed would be quite a challenge for an inexperienced boater. Anyway, well done on getting home and on your boat. We'll be watching with interest.

Anonymous said...

I would take the Wales option-inshala!

Anonymous said...

Go the long way round via Castleford, Leeds to the Leeds & Liverpool, Leigh Branch, Bridgewater, Trent & Mersey to Nantwich.

Mick & Pauline.

MortimerBones said...

what is so tough about the rochdale?!

Dot and Derek said...

Hi Maffi, Our boat was built at Heron just across the river from Ledgard. We did the Standedge after our 25 hour service to get to the river Wey. It came out dirty after the rubber matting was removed but that was all. Nothing a good wash wouldn't fix. We can't wait to have another crack at the Standedge, it's great.

Derek & Dot
n/b Gypsyrover

Dot and Derek said...

Hi Maffi,
Our boat was built at Heron who were just up river from Ledgard. We went through the Standedge after our 25 hour service & except for mud, which easily washed off after the rubber matting was removed the paint work was unscathed. We can't wait to have another go at the Standedge, it's well worth it.

Derek & Dot
n/b Gypsyrover.