Friday, 8 September 2006

I'm back!

Well after a long flight that was fraught with problems both in Saudi and UK I am at long last in England.

And just to prove I can it will be sunny across the land in honour of my return.

I have, if you have been watching the video, actually stood on my boat. Yay!

It is not finished, but, soon. I will be keeping this up as best I can, but keep the faith it will get back to normal.

Thank you all for your best wishes it has been a boon in the situation I was in. However that is all behind me now so it's on wards and up wards. Catch ya later.


Anonymous said...

'Catch ya later' - you bet you will!! I can hardly believe the low key but happy responses on the forum. I really thought there would be bells n whistles going!! Sue

Area D said...

I'll say "hi" if we pass in future on the cut. I'm waiting for my build slot to come around next year.

Maffi said...

All in good time. Still not moved in yet.