Saturday, 9 September 2006

My Boat

Well there she was resplendent in the morning sunshine. Rocking gently side to side as the workers moved around her interior. Not finished but getting there. Next week is the new projected date…….September 15……I seriously doubt that.

Like Saudis boat builders have no concept of time or urgency. They are on a different time scale to the rest of the world. A day is a week, a week is a month, who knows how it works. What is certain is that builder's time and real time are most definitely not the same. I have no idea why.

Oh well! So how is the boat otherwise? Looking good! The space is much smaller than I envisaged. It is quite difficult to think in terms of narrow when you have a computer screen with in finite possibilities to play with.

For the time being I will settle for one comfortable chair and foot stool. Whilst I managed to fit two in during the drawing stage it might be a little difficult in reality.

The stove is fitted woo hoo! It was done on the morning I arrived more than two weeks after I asked why it wasn't done and was told, "They were going to fit it today, but were called away".

I visited the cratch and smartly banged my head on the ceiling as I passed through the doors, it still hurts. Doh! I will have to learn how not to do that.

I did point out to Keith that they had forgotten to install the coffee cup shelf to the side of the bed to which he said "What?" "It's in the drawings", I said. Quickly the drawings were produced and sure enough there it was. However, seeing the space as it is in reality I said not to bother. I reckon if I reach out to pick up a cup, the outside wall it is so close I just might punch a hole through the side.


MortimerBones said...

september 15th - lets hope that is this year!!! :)

It sounds brill!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maffi,

I have been following your design and build since your first comments on

I very much appreciated your comments like "Whilst I managed to fit two in during the drawing stage it might be a little difficult in reality" and "However, seeing the space as it is in reality I said not to bother."

Would it be possible for you to continue with comments about how Milly M matches up to your expectations? I understand that making negative comments public may not be ideal, however for us whose dream is still a while away it is very enlightening.


Gloomy said...

lucky you one of your dreams came true.
maffi please mind your head, i know how it feels i always bump my head to the roof of the car.

Maffi said...

I most certainly will. Just got to get me sen sorted on the boat with regular inet and I will be away.

MortimerBones said...

Yup - not ready on the 15th... a couple of weeks apparently... lets hope you get some cruising in before the ice sets in!

Anonymous said...


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