Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Nearly there

A few small things to do. Door handles, a bit of varnishing in the office, and little things I have picked up looking around. Shouldn't take very long.

The charger went tits up on Monday. They swapped it out, but it is a problem with the unit. The manufacturer said, 'it's a known software problem'. Well if they know about it then surely they should fix it before it leaves the factory and not wait until I am getting ready to leave before they change it. Nil points to Mastervolt.

I picked up a chair from Ikea. Red leather on mid brown woodwork matches the Sapelee trim very well. And, more to the point, very comfortable, so comfortable in fact I went back today to get another.

The shower works a treat. Very hot. Plenty of headroom. The addition of mirrors in the shower room means I can shave without cutting me sen!

My feet are getting very twitchy it's now been three days since I travelled anywhere, except to Manchester to take the car back.

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