Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Another little change

Milly's back end looked rather swish when I first took her out on the water. However it soon became apparent that the circuit breaker panel was not best placed. Not only was it on an opening door, but it was in the entrance so CB's were often switched off as people came in or went out.

A little bit of jiggery pokery and it is now mounted on the forward panel of the electric cupboard.

The old position is being formed into a place to keep current maps.


bottle said...


Who else but KH said...

The old ones are the best. Move the circuit breakers to make way for the CURRENT maps.
Chortle ! Guffaw !

I'd call 'em circuit diagrams .... Oh I see what you mean ! Hee. Hee.

MortimerBones said...

Fantastic!!! I am impressed with the trim, you have done an excellent job there and the new place is MUCH better!!!!

NIc said...

Put an LCD, connect it up to show moving map from GPS, so always shows where you are without the need to page-turn.

Wozie said...

It's simply amazing that the little changes that you have made will make such a BIG difference!