Thursday, 4 September 2008

Oh Ship!!!!!!!

I don't really understand all this ship shit. My boat is not a 'qualifying ship', but then it isnt any kind of ship. It was never intended to be any kind of ship and it will never be any kind of ship.

I had my boat built specifically for me to live on and to this end I sold my house to finance it. It is my home it is not a ship it is the only home I have.

I did not pay VAT on my brick house. So why should I or anyone pay VAT on any house they buy. There is no law that says I cannot live on my boat full time so I do.

As long a God makes little apples I will never understand why HMRC insist that this is a ship but doesn't qualify as a ship for living on.


Miss T said...

Welcome to the world of a tax lawyer....

A friend of ours once spent the best part of a year arguing with the HMRC (on behalf of a client) the rice cakes, were is fact crackers not cakes, and therefore VAT exempt.

Basically HMRC will try and exact as much tax as possible, until someone pays a fancy tax consultant to argue the opposing case for long enough that they give in. 'Twas ever thus.

"'In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." Benjamin Franklin

I guess you can take the neo-con argument and posit that all taxation should be abolished...

Maffi said...

I don't want to abolish all taxes but just be given a fair crack of the whip. Why should only a small handfull of people pay VAT on something that everyone else gets Tax free!

Miss T said...

As I said - VAT is an odd tax. For instance, men's shaving products are exempt as they are 'necessities', women's sanitary products are not, as they are deemed luxuries!

You have the choice not to shave...(although I could roll my own I guess!).

You are 100% right - your position isn't fair - but tax and VAT is without logic IMHO!

Steven said...

Now then if you're happy that it's not a ship maybe it could be an houseboat?

There isn't any VAT on houseboats.

But the problem would be that it must be a boat which does not have the means of, and which is not capable of being readily adapted for, self-propulsion.

So you could saw off the arse end with the engine in it and get a horse?

Going back to the qualifying ship nobody who claims it is legit ever mentions that it is not just the ship that is zero rated but all future supplies so no VAT on repairs, structual modifications, refits, that nice big flat screen TV etc in the future.

That gives you a clue to why HMRC does not like the result Mr Stone achieved.

If you were a traveller the law would provide VAT relief on your caravan but being a boater the law takes the opinion that you are not entitled because normal people do not live on boats without it is purely for their own recreation and leisure reasons.