Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Maybe I am just sensitive, but I cannot abide umbrellas. The owners of this dubious fashion accessory seem incapable of understanding the damage that can be wrought with the rib ends to anyone's eyes let alone mine.

Umbrellas have a simple function to keep the rain off ones head and shoulders, so why, oh why, oh why do some people carry umbrellas that could house a circus. A golf umbrella is for the golf course not the city.

I am surprised that H&S of even the EU have not outlawed them yet.

I can only say that the morons who wield these dangerous weapons should at least be compelled to have insurance lest they injure anyone especially me!

Maybe this is the answer


James said...

But Golf-style big umbrellas do have a good use- standing at the tiller in heavy rain! Although if I got close enough to anyone else whilst steering to poke their eye out, they've probably got bigger worries than that.

Miss T said...

But if we didn't have umbrellas, people would start wearing those little rain head scarves again!

kh said...

I wouldn't bother. I can look silly without one of those and I don't have enough hair to make it worthwhile keeping dry.

Keith and Jo said...

I am with you Maffi on umbrellas. I hate them and have never used one, and never will. Only this morning I nearly had my eye taken out by someone carrying a golfing umbrella along the towpath. Towpaths are not wide enough for them. Umbrella's whilst standing at the tiller, do make me giggle. it is just a drop of rain after all.If people wore the correst waterproofs in the first place they would not need an umbrella. But that is just my opinion hahahaha.