Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Bloody email pirates

In the last few months I have been having problems with internet pirates stealing my email address and sending my contacts junk mail purporting to be from me. This is really pi55ing me off and no doubt the people I know who receive these posts.

Many of those who were on my contact list now have me blocked this means each time my email is used by these bastards I get a hundred or more 'DELIVERY FAILURE' emails back. It would seem that I cannot redirect these to my junk box.

I did go to one site which had nothing to do with what the email was selling and emailed all the directors with copies of the email I was getting and the perps name and I never heard from him again, hopefully he got sacked.

I do every once in a while return an offencive reply. One chap replied "I am only doing my job". "Strange job", said I, "pi55ing people off".

I have changed my password on several occasions but still they use my email address. Changing my password usually results in losing my contact list which is a bit like losing your mobile phone . . . . . devastating!

As I understand it it is illegal to use other peoples email address for this purpose, but that doesn't seem to apply to the Pharmaceutical trade or the Chinese for that matter. Maybe what is needed is a space station that can pin-point these jerks and zapp them to dust, perhaps a few public hangings might do the trick.


Matt said...

Sadly, changing your password isn't likely to help. It's perfectly possible to change your sender address to anything you like, and this is what these spammers - they simply pick an address at random to send from. There is a potential solution - "Sender Policy Framework" - but until EVERY mail server implements it, it's not gonna do jack.

Heth said...

Hi Maffi,
If you weigh up pros & cons & decide to stick with the same email address, try using Windows Livemail (free download from M$). At least with this you can right click & "Block sender" & also "Block senders domain". It's not an ideal solution in this case, but it should stop any junk mail from them arriving in your junk email folder. It's quite impressive in that sense cos junk is stopped at the source, I've done it myself & now get no junk emails (except odd new one which I add to blocked list). And you have to be persistent blocking this s**t, takes about a month to stop it all. Still tho this doesn't solve your hijacked email address. Sorry bout that, if I were you I'd setup 2 new ones, eg:Hotmail / yahoo etc. Keep one private, friends fam & contacts etc, forward that address to everyone you trust & use the other just for online, on your blog, forums etc.


Maffi said...

Blocking email addressed me only serves to stop the delivery failure email it wont stop my contact from getting it at all. Until of course they all block me.

Heth said...

Maffi, Check out this link:

It covers just about every other possibility I was going to mention for you to try... Hope it helps