Friday, 17 October 2008

In Abingdon . . .

. . . a few weeks ago I took a tumble on a protruding access cover in the street. I broke my wristwatch strap in the fall, the spring pin that holds the strap on. No problem take it to a friendly jeweller and he will fix it, which he did for £1. Cool!

I must have damaged the other pin because shortly after that broke too. Yesterday I went to get it fixed. Not being in Abingdon (who were now known for their strap fixing) I paid a visit to the metropolis of Oxford. The first shop Samuels were very helpful. "No problem Sir that will be £1". Unfortunately he couldn't find the correct one but did apologise and tightened up the one that had already been repaired. Thank you.

The next shop said, "No problem Sir that will be £1". Unfortunately he couldn't find the correct one either but did point me to the kiosk in Debenhams where I duly went (its tough being a boater).

It took me a while to find said kiosk, but when I did I asked, holding out my watch, "Can you fix this".

"Oh yes," said the girl, "that will be £6!.

"No just the strap pin".

Yes Sir, that will be £6".

"Are you serious?"

"Yes sir".

"Don't you know there is a credit crunch on", I said rather pointlessly, "that is 500% more than anyone else is charging"

Yes sir but we use special pins not like the other people do".

"What you mean high grade titanium with built in GPS tracker", I said, "are you serious?

"It wont take long", she said, failing to understand that I thought she was robbing me.

"I would rather keep it in my pocket than pay that extortionate price", with which I took back my watch and left.

I eventually had it done in the market but even they charged me 3 quid and I had to go back in half an hour. On arrival I was told "Sorry I'll do it now". It took 2 minutes. So if anyone wants a good paying job you could do worse than watch strap fixer they make £90 and hour in some places £180 in others (supply your own pins).

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