Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Kidlington Green

Not far from Thrupp we moored up for lunch. Just outside the Sheriff of Kidlingtons house as it happens. This is a 14 day mooring, but one would never believe that. The grass cutters had been this far but, as you can see from the pictures they only managed to trim down the side of the track and not the by the water. This means that walkers who do not pay a licence have the path trimmed and boaters who do pay a licence have to hack their way through a jungle to get off their boat. Walkers also allow their dogs to s**t in the jungle making life for the hapless boater unpleasant.

The sad thing is that there is Armco piling here and it is a nice place to moor if the vegetation could be cut back. It would be interesting to find out if the local inhabitants on the other side of the canal have anything to do with this. I know of at least one who complains regularly about boats mooring there.


nb piston broke said...

Hi Maffi

If you run out of wood there is a nice fence opposite you which will burn well. Dont let the Sheriff catch you. Regards Paul nbPiston Broke

Maffi said...

Ahh yes, but, no, err? What are you suggesting sir!