Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Mindless morons

We moved up from Wolvercote last Friday to Thrupp. I set off for the lock to set it for Bones and after seeing her through I hauled my boat into the lock. It was as my boat was sitting in the lock that I noticed the bicycle was missing. Doh! I had left it chained to the fence.

Leaving the boat in the lock I trotted the 100 yards or so back to where the cycle was. I tilted the machine away from the fence to get at the lock. Imagine my surprise when the cycle came away from the fence lock an' all.

Some joker had cut through the cable. This reminded me that earlier in the morning another boater had asked me if I had heard anything in the early hours as she had had two cycles stolen in the night. This I found curious as she was moored up about a mile away why would I hear anything.

However I can only assume that the tealeaf had spotted my bike and decided to 'prep' it for collection later. So we are short of a bike lock. What I don't understand is that it not the sort of bike anyone with half a brain would want to nick. It rusty as hell and looks like it was just dragged out of the canal. Still I suppose it was dark. The mind boggles.


MortimerBones said...

OI! That bike is a legend!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they saw the condition after they cut the cable.