Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Yet another fine idea

One can always rely on Bones (the woman) to come up with some wonderful ideas. Thursday Dusty came and delivered Coal, fuel and two rather long boat poles she had purchased from the chandler up near Dusty's home base. This left her with a dilemma, what to do with the old pole.

Saturday saw her franticly sawing oblong sections of ply and Steve (nb OCELOT), who had just innocently sauntered down hoping the kettle might be on, ended up nailing them to the old pole.

So now Bones has a paddle of sorts and is wanting to try it out. What surprises me the most is that Steve actually got in the 'Banana' and let her take him to the lock while standing up!

I used to think Steve was alright but now I wonder about his sanity as I am sure he does.

Her ladyship now encouraged buy the success of this venture is planning her next experiment venture in the Banana this time with a sail which somehow she thinks we will assist her with, time to visit my mother in London methinks. I wonder if Steve might like to come along?


Keith and Jo said...

Ha ha good on Bones. See women can think on their feet. What a great idea though. Steve was just glutting for punishment.

Wozie said...

What would you do without the good Dr Bones for amusement I wonder?

Wozie said...

Good morning M, it's a lovely sunny start to the day here in Gloucestershire after a cold and frosty night.
Is it really safe for Bones to be in charge of any oars I wonder?
I can think of many advantages for converting the banana into a paddle boat!
I like your moving photo display on the left btw.

MortimerBones said...

hmm... a paddle boat... now, that IS an idea... but I think we will do the sailing one first, then sabbotage a small engine so the cycle has a motor on it....