Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The trouble with computers is. .

. . . . . . you have to take what 'they' want you to have. My old computer was a Fujitsu Siemans. I bought it in Riyadh. It had an Arabic keyboard and was set for Arabic language. I insisted that the chappie at the compstore should remove all traces of Arabic (except the keyboard) which he duly did, but not it would seem 'all'. Eventually the licence collapsed and I was left with an invalid copy of XP. I have always liked 98 and had the system set as 98.

My new computer is also a Fujitsu Seimens (stick with what you know). The spec is just about the same as the old one which was designed for XP, however, this machine has Vista Basic installed. It does nothing I ask it to do straight away. Whereas things should happen in the click of a button it seems intent on showing me its little "wait I'm getting to it" sign. It does loads of things I don't want it to do, but most important it does them slowly which is not what one would expect from the latest 'sh!t off a shovel' system.

Getting to my hotmail should be easy but Vista no longer supports web based HTTP email. And for some reason when I installed Live Mail, as it says I should to get hotmail, it didn't bring my contact list with it. MSM Messenger also lost it contact list so I have a list now with only Bones on it.

Of course it could be that Vista was not meant for this spec computer, but all the computer sheds seem to insist on giving you what you don't want or need. Free with the computer is a disk 'worth' £12.49. it is in essence a taster disc which will let you have a service for a short while then charge you to use it after the expiry time (which is probably about the time you have uploaded all your pics onto their system for 'safe' keeping). So its an advert and not a freebie at all.

I wonder why when a company says, "WE HAVE WHAT YOU WANT" they don't add "AS LONG AS YOU WANT WHAT WE HAVE" it would make life so much easier. It would also help if they stopped box shifting and offered a bit of flexibility.

I think I will install my legal copy of XP if I can get Vista off completely. Life was so much easier then, but I seem to remember saying that about 97, 98 and even 3.1.1


grey wolf said...

i have a mac myself 3 in fact they can be infuriating at times but i would never swap.My friend has taken off vista from several computers because people could not get along with it.Good luck with it.

Maffi said...

it that easy to do?

grey wolf said...

he said it is a bit time consuming stripping it back but possible.