Friday, 31 October 2008

Visiting friends

As age creeps up I tend to forget things even things that are/were nice. We often meet up with passing boaters who through the inet have become mates then later friends and I simply forget to post about the meetings. I helped Tony Little bring his boat down the river from Lechlade to Enysham and completely forgot to blog it and that was now several momths ago. Tony and Mo have been around quite a lot of canals since and I met them again at the Anchor just off Aristotle Lane Bridge a few weeks ago where he reminded me that no blog post was in evidence of our trip. Sorry Tony my brain seems to be ageing faster than yours.

Two weeks ago we recieved a call from nb BOBCAT. Can we meet up? It was arranged that we would join them for dinner at the Brasenose Arms in Cropredy that Sunday evening. So we grabbed Proper Job (henceforth called PJ) and set off for Cropredy arriving fashionably late following Bones' attempt to make the car fly . . . . she bottled out!

Dinner was fab. I had the Salmon followed by Apple Strudel. A good night was had by all and we are looking forward to our invite to the launch of the new boat.

Rob and Kath were joined on their holiday with their friends Yvonne and Bryan. Bryan will be fitting out Kaths boat when the hull builders are finished with it.

It was finding this pic on my computer that reminded me of that meeting so consequently producing this post. The old grey stuff aint what it used to be.
From l-to-r Yvonne Rob Bryan Kath

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