Thursday, 30 October 2008


Well there I was minding my own business. Morts engine needed attention and I dont like the cold. A flutter of eyelashes and I was ensnared. Fix the great ship Bones it was then.

Tapping holes is not difficult especially as I used to teach people how to do it. what is difficult is adjusting the alternator after. There have been two great loves in my life, computers and the guitar. Both take a toll on fingers wrists and arms. I am left with little arm strength. Oh I can grab a rope and pull a boat but that is using body weight in the main. Other stuff is more difficult. I tapped out the holes (3 - one still had a bit of bolt in it) and bolted the pulley to the engine. Trying to finagle the alternator so that I could put the fan belt on was more spannering than I could muster. So her ladyship had to finish the job when she came home from work. I was able to help by heaving on a rope to pull the alternator back into place while she did the bolts up.

On trying the key the engine ran a short period-Verrrrooooommmm- then-kersplat- and died. This was only a temporary kersplat- after trying a few more starts it eventually roared into life. The great ship Bones can now charge batteries and heat water. Life for Mort has been dragged back from the cold and dark ages into the modern world once again.

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MortimerBones said...

Brilliant post! Thank you for all your hard work!!!!!!! It's great.