Friday, 28 November 2008

I don't believe it!!! EDIT

I watched with incredulity yesterday as two BW workers, who were filling in holes down the side of canal, committed an act of theft. The holes were filled first with clay then a coarse gravel then the topping (soil). The soil was removed from the flower tubs, all full of bulbs, that are placed there by members of the Thrupp Crusing Club. In effect these workers stole the soil and probably could be charged if TCC wanted to make a point of it. Well done BW!

One of the filled holes and the flower tub.


Wozie said...

What a shame when the residents make such an effort to make their canal side space look so attractive.
Lovely to see you last night, what gorgeous chips, thanks for sharing:-)
The Boat Inn is such a cosy homely pub and one of our best banter venues I'd say!

nb.bobcat said...

Aah but come springtime the pretty bulbs will pop up in the wrong place highlighting their wrong doing wont it?