Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The refit

It was nearly two weeks ago that herself started to dismantle her bedroom. Then the royal 'we' took over and I was invited to help. The cupboard/wardrobe above the bed is now no more and that is as far as we have got (unless you include the light fitting in the ceiling).

Progress has been curtailed for a number of reasons, too flimsy to go into here. but this weekend will see the last excuse sink into oblivion. The Banter will have been and gone the new side hatch will have been fitted and a shed has appeared to hold the contents of the bedroom while it it is stripped.

We are still waiting for some pictures and drawing of a bed hinge, but with the fitting of the hatch we can get on with the main job of emptying the room for de-rusting and re-lining.

One of the reasons I bought a new boat is so I didn't have to do such things, got that wrong didn't I. Still if I am to do such things I couldn't do it for a nicer gel.


Anonymous said...

awwww - you called me a nice gel. =o)

It is fun isn't it!!!!


Amy said...

Well, the drawings and photos are finally up on the blog! Hope they help. Amy