Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Caen Hill Cyclists

People are complaining that cyclists are racing down the hill beside the locks. This is since the towpath was upgraded to a cycle track by BW in conjunction with Sustrans. People are being knocked down by the cyclists and often they don't stop.

The latest victim was a 79 year old lady dog walker. The rider didn't stop! Well that's them sorted file that under 'bunch of bloody cowards'.

You know if you open a path at the top of a hill that runs for about a mile it will attract a bunch of prats on wheels. What didn't BW understand about that?

They have put up 'SLOW DOWN' signs on the hill which have been ignored, Oh really! The have threatened 'stronger measures', but BW are keeping that to themselves for the time being.

Maybe they are going to install a Garrotte halfway down the hill. That would take them by surprise!

The answer is very simple a number of cycle gates spaced at a distance that hardly makes it worth while getting back on their bike.

I don't suppose anyone has any idea where one could lay ones hands on some redundant bollards they might do the trick.

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