Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Last year I didnt have a mooring. I travelled up and down the South Oxford to a greater or lesser degree. This year I have two moorings and I am having trouble getting rid of one. Please don't tell me there is a shortage.


Anonymous said...

I dont suppose there is a plethera of moorings, and there are probably plenty of people to take over one of your moorings, but the waterways are rife with politics and paper work! I am in a similar position, and I think I could have sold my mooring a thousand times over, but I cant!


Keith and Jo said...

Happy Birthday Maffi, we hope you have a wonderful day.
Hugss Jo & keith

Miss T said...

I agree with Bones, I think it has to be the paperwork. Bones has had a devil of a time finding a mooring as you know.

Happy Birthday sweetpea! How about a blog post that isn't a grumble :-)?

Maffi said...

Most of the last half dozen are not grumbles!

Bones said...

I haven't had a devil of a time finding a mooring, It just took a while getting one where I wanted! =o)