Wednesday, 10 December 2008

What a good idea.

This was a comment from Area D in the last post. I felt it needed a airing on its own.

There are no wheel clamps in France. This is because when they were introduced the French public put super glue in the locks. Within two weeks they were withdrawn. Single-use wheel clamps simply are not economic. The French public acted together and stopped the scourge. We allowed it to go on and so we still live with them.

Whatever you think of the French they do tend to stand up to bureaucratic claptrap more than we do.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, not true.

grey wolf said...

yes but they do tend to pay for there bolshness with strikes.and there balance of payments is non existent.

Miss T said...

They also have far, far more of it - like having to pay income tax a year in advance (you have to estimate what your income will be).

I'm amazed that they've put up with the smoking ban, unlike the Germans, who flout it like mad.