Monday, 15 December 2008

Cheeky Hire Boaters (edit too harsh)

Yesterday we took the good ship Bones up the canal to near the maintence point. A simple task that has her ladyship on the tiller in reverse and me at the front with a shaft. Before we had gone very far a hire boat came alongside overtaking us. The lady leaned across and said, "I read in a boook recently the the best way to go in reverse was to open the throttle to max and then you will be able to steer". The bloody cheek of the woman.

Says I, "so I can forget our 5 years experience then?"

"Oh sorry, I didn't realise" says she.

Didn't realise! If she had read further she would have read the bit about not overtaking a reversing boat and the bit that says who the F*** are you!

It later transpired that she is a teacher and finds it very hard not to be in teach mode. I could show her how it is done with a shove in the water. That will learn her.

The trouble with reading it in a book is a book doesn't give you hands on experience. I have seen fleet owners reverse in a straight line at top speed but they have been doing it thirty years, and anyway what's the hurry?


Miss T said...

Gah - I think you were very restrained! Teaching is the T. family curse, and we have a lot of women (and it pains me to say it, women are esp. bad in teacher mode) like that.

Luckily thw worst offender has moved to France - where she's probably instructing them how to make cheese and wine!

Merry Christmas xxx

Sam said...

Haha oh dear... you can certainly tell who the teachers are!!
Hope you are having a nice christmas :)