Tuesday, 20 January 2009


So far this year we have had lots of visitors to the mooring. Colin and Joy nb SLEEPY OTTER came NYD, Alan and Frances nb LAZY DAYS, Reg and Sandra nb MOONSHADOW, Keith an old RAF mate came to feed our stomachs. John and Fi nb EPIPHANY came to feed our souls, yesterday Keith and Jo nb HADAR came to feed our stove but Dusty beat them to it, oh and last Friday a visit from Sam Lashbrooke @ Just Canals who is currently on a training course at the airport just up the road.

Last month ((January) Daughter Kim came with Jim and brought my post somewhere near my birthday. Alan and Debbie nb KEEPING UP just after Bones' birthday. Dominic and Helen nb RAVANSPUR were in Thrupp Boxing day.

We know some really nice people yet this lot turned up (giggle)


BigJohn said...

And yet you're still giggling: Amazing! :-)

Maffi said...

I have lots of gigglebytes in my gigglebox.

Keith and Jo said...

Thank you for a lovely evening in the pub, we really enjoyed ourselves. Hope all is ok with you today. Jo

Bones said...

friends are good.