Monday, 19 January 2009


The good ship Milly M taken at Thrupp by Nick Wall editor of Canal Boat magazine.

Traditionalists will gasp in horror when they see the rope on the tiller. I say this now beause it will save them blocking up the internet with trivia. Yes I know the old boaters wouldn't do it but then the old boaters would never have owned a boat that couldn't carry cargo . . . . . and lots of it.

I could coil it and put it on the roof, but I don't use it on the roof I use it on the dollies. It doesnt seem very logical to me to have to keep putting it on and off the dollies so on the tiller pin it stays.


Lesley NB Caxton said...

Well that told them didn't it!

Anonymous said...

I am in total agreement with you Maffi, I have been unable to find a better and more convenient position and so continue to use the tiller

Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

I keep ours on the tiller pin just like that so it's always ready and our "Dollies" are "T-Pieces" so teh rope stays on, even when pulled vertically.

There's nothing worse than holding a rope in a deep wide lock and finding the boat is no longer attached - especially now we have bollards to attache the other end to !!!

Anonymous said...

lovely pictures! Traditionalists always make me chuckle, it is as is Narrowboating came to a halt when the canals started being used by leisure boaters more than cargo. We are the new wave of boaters, and the traditional leisure boaters. AS you rightly say, we don't carry cargo (well, not that sort), so we don't even vaguely come into the traditional boating world. I understand the importance of maintaining tradition to some extent, and if people want to live the life of a traditional boater, why not, but we can put our ropes whereever we like. THe importance is to ensure they are safe, and not going to cause a hazard. If mine weren't around the Dolly, they would! I also keep mine on my tiller (not the tiller pin though) and despite trying to get the rope to fall around the prop I haven't succeded. It is also more handy, for me, there as it is easily accesible to dispatch at any time. When I kept it on the roof for a trial I got in a complete pickle and nearly fell it - it works for others, but not me!

Gosh, this is long isn't it!!!!! Must be time to go boating soon.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you on the move again Maffi thought you had grown land legs you have been still for so long


Maffi said...

I was only at the water point. Its not like I went to cruising.

Anonymous said...

does that mean you do have land legs?!


Maffi said...

Oh no! Perish the thought