Monday, 12 January 2009

Pump out problem 'edited'

I have been sticking cards in slots now for many years bank cards, credit cards and more recently pump out cards. It is not difficult there is an arrow on it and you place it face up with the arrow pointing into the slot, simple! Sso why recently does that not work for me? Today after reversing up to the facilities for water and a pumpout, a journey of half a mile that took me over an hour breaking ice all the way, I purchased a card from the local card supplier. Four times I put it in the slot and four times it said card error. Thinking that maybe it was printed the wrong way round I tried it backwards. Still no joy. The last card I bought was the same.

Off to No 1 warden, "Sorry to bother you the card doesn't work"

"OK", says he, "I'll come down", which he did. He placed the card in the slot and the pumpout machine whirred into action. "Works for me", he says, "You must have put it in the wrong way round".

Err, well no I put it in four times and each time it said 'CARD ERROR' so I tried it the wrong way just in case".

"Well it worked for me"

Personally I don't care if it worked for him, it didn't work for me!

I am not stupid. I know how to put a card in a slot.


Halfie said...

The important thing is whether you ready to do your pump out when he got the machine going. Look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks ... are you coming over?

KateMM said...

Have to take issue with this post. It’s a virtual version of talking loudly about the person next to you in the bus queue – full of fury and signifying nothing! If I were to stand by your boat and talk loudly about your (admittedly few) shortcomings would you pop up and say ‘Ah, Kate, thank you so much for pointing out my shortcomings to everyone except me, I shall henceforth change my ways’. Mmm, doubt it – more likely to get the aformentioned card up the pump out, so to speak. Governments do it all the time, the results are tragic, do we really need to emulate them in our small corner of the world?
Having got that off my chest, thank you for diagnosing my dodgy gas bottle, pint will be forthcoming post submission... x

Anonymous said...

The Lockie at Limehouse reckons that the card readers get ratty and random in really cold weather.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear
community harmony...Is it conducive........Well certainly not sensible to slang someone off when u have a silly pump out bog and still need to use the machine...Thats the trouble with newby boaters, ya must look before u leap.. c u in the pub for a beer

Anonymous said...

The nearest pump is a couple of hours away and twice the price

Anonymous said...

i see you got a mention on granny buttons! Seems he has a similar trouble with the cards!


Allan said...

OK so it worked for him. BUT what if him aint about when you want it to work for you oh Shxt then Huston we have a problem. Dont you just hate know it all peeps well i do