Friday, 23 January 2009

Minion -v- Tesco

Tescos have decided to build a huge store on the outskirts of Blackburn. There is also a plan to build a new bridge over the Leeds & Liverpool to access the site. Must be a good site coz Tesco paid £5.5 million for it. I am not overwhelmed by this but I would be sure the local council have the best interests of the local economy in mind. Well I would be sure, but Blackburn with Darwen Council have laid a proviso on the new store which will ask Tesco to only use 60% of the store when it is built, to protect town centre shops.

Tesco have been land grabbing for a very long time, they have been around the block. Tesco will build the store and I kinda think that any restrictions put on the planning permissions will be swept away with a visit to the Planing Inspectorate. These councillors really don't know with whom they are dealing.

One councillor was adamant that the council was confident a complex planning arrangement would prevent Tesco from expanding fully without the council’s permission, and that safeguards were in place.

You have to laugh at these little minions who really seem to think that they wield power. Like it or not I think Tesco will win this one as the often seem to do.

Of course the boaters will be affected by the bridge. The last time I was there the canal was being used as a landfill site by the locals. The bridge will provide a dumping ramp for the locals so they don't get wet when the rubbish splashes in the water.

While I am on the subject of the Bridge, how much are BW getting out of this deal? The Bridge will be in BW's airspace!


kh said...

100% agree on pomposity of SOME local councillors. We had one down here that was so proud of his involvement with the building of a large retail outlet said "no matter what happens we have Woolworths on a watertight contract with this store. They won't be able to walk away from this." Now 99% of the residents could see the flaw in his argument but none of the town councillors could." The store stands empty and getting vandalised. Funny old world.

Simon said...

wasn't it Tesco who built a shop over a railway line, and the new tunnel collapsed?


Anonymous said...

We are in the process of fighting Tesco's in my home town of Sunninghill, a small independent high street where the shops open 9 5. Tesco want to open a small shop 5am - 11pm, I'm sure they will win in the end even though it's next to a school, there's no parking and the road is already a traffic nightmare.