Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Years Eve

Oh what fun we had on New Years Eve. Rather than go to the pub as we originally planed we decided to go off to Kirtlington Quarry for the night.

Bones came with me on the MillyM, PJ went with Charlie (dau) on the nb OCELOT and Mark and Sarah came on WOODRUFF.

I had collected some wood the day before and PJ & C, M & S foraged for wood when they got there. I also collected lots on the way. By the time we arrived there must have been a ton of wood already. My meagre collection seemed small by comparision.

We also found a dead Heron at Bakers Lock and a dead something else which as yet has not been identified, both now on my roof. The good news is they were already well rotted so they don't smell.

Bones went away and hid and I spent nearly an hour finding her and then only because she was texting me and I saw her mobile glowing.

At about 7.30 pm the fire was lit the food was laid out and a glorious time was had by all. M & S had all sorts of instruments Guitar Mandolin Uke Penny Whistles etc I had my guitar. We all sat around the fire singing songs it was great.

M & S are very good and sang some great songs S plays a mean Mandolin. I went through my set of song that I can remember C played along where she could, Bones also gave us a fine rendition of Rikkety Tickety Tin and others that I dont know the names of.

At midnight PJ did the fireworks. I got the best out of that because my eyes without my glasses see snowflake like images around every point of light. Like a real trip man!

The best NYE I have ever had! COOL!!!!!!
The fire was still alight the next morning!

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Wozie said...

hello Maffi,
glad you enjoyed your new years eve bash it sounds as if it was really good fun.
hope that 2009 will be as much fun for you two!
we like reading all about your escapades,
keep on posting,