Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Oh dear . . . .

. . . . gone are the days when Britannia ruled the waves, our leaders now waive the rules.

As chancellor of the exchequer, when Gordon Brown made numerous changes to our banking system he said, "The days of boom and bust are over". So why are we now in a recession with unemployment expected to reach 3 million in the near future.

What makes me mad and should make everyone mad is that this deceiver, this charlatan, this stranger to the truth is now the PM. We have not had the opportunity to vote him out. He just appears in our papers, on our TV with that smug look on his face, the one that says 'Up yours I'm OK'.

Of course he is OK he does not have to hold his hands up and say, 'I am sorry it was my fault'. He is after all the PM he can get one of the minions to do that for him. While on the subject of minions does Mandelson really think we have forgotten he was himself a bit iffy in the honesty department or does he really not give a shit what we think, probably the latter.

Is it any wonder that MP's are cheating on their allowances and seemingly voting to be allowed to keep cheating when their leaders are such scoundrels.

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grey wolf said...

agreed to some do need to look a little further back for the start of this problem ms thatcher to be was she who started easy credit.Mix in the greed of bankers and the top brass of most of the companies,and the antics of bush and co and you have the beginnings of the banana economy we have today.