Thursday, 29 January 2009

Poor show Councillor

What ever you think about the situation in Afghanistan one has to feel for Royal Marine Joe Townsend. When his country called he gave his all and, as it happens, both his legs. All hail the hero!

His grandfather wants to build a wheelchair friendly bungalow on his own land for his injured grandson so the lad can be closer to his family. A very generous offer. However planning officers at Wealdon District Council (WDC) rejected the 'intrusive' plans even though not one neighbour has complained.

I wonder if the decision would have been different had the lad been the Local MPs son or god forbid the planning officers son.

A spokes man for the Council said, "The circumstances in this case are not considered sufficient to warrant an exception to the usual restraint policies". So Mr Councillor if you can't make an exception give Joe his legs back and we can call it quits, deal?

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