Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Taps and sinks

The trouble with modern stuff like sinks and taps is there is no standard. The base of her new tap unit and the hole in her sink were too similar in size so that, though the tap unit did not go through the hole, it would not tighten up without the tap tilting oddly.

I set myself to whittling this morning. Not that I particularly like whittling but it was a matter of necessity. A half round block of wood was required to stop the taps from moving when the screw was tightened in the base. After about an hour or so I had made the said necessity and was able to install the taps firmly. Job done.

I then set off to see a man about a job. Seems like I might have got it, fingers crossed

In the afternoon I set about the job of plumbing the new sink in to the boat after Plumber Bones had ripped out the old one. Once again we found the standard fittings wern't! All manner of plumbing bits were utilised to get the waste pipe to connect and still it had a leak!

That vacation seems like a good option.


Halfie said...

Hang on a minute - you might have landed yourself paid employment ... and you already want a holiday?

Maffi said...

Of course no time like the present!