Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Caen Hill pt 2

From British Waterways:-

In addition to relocating the fish (some to the Grand Union), silt curtains will be put in place across the entrance to one of the side ponds at Caen Hill in a trial to further improve water quality. The curtain will prevent silt stirred up by boats navigating the locks, from entering the ponds.

Now call me skeptic, but the correct working of the flight is based on the ponds, so these ponds are not and never were clear water envronments. It would be impossible to move 56,000 gallons of water between the locks without these ponds. Why are BW wasting their pitiful small budget on such a pointless scheme.

If the Damselfly and Dragonfly dont breed there it is because it is not suitable. As long as these crazy bug catchers say there is a problem BW will do all in their power to accommodate them. There is lots of other water in the area dispite what BW are trying to imply.

If it is so important let the bug catchers pay the bill!

PS If you are reading this BW Caen Hill is not a staircase, you should know that. If it were you would probably need planning permission for ya daft curtains.