Monday, 9 February 2009


If you have recieved an e mail from me recently and it was empty, I apologise.

One of the drawbacks of having a big computer is that it is so f***ing clever it decides what I should and should not send in my emails.

It decides which printer it is going to use.

It decides if it wants to download the pictures from my camera.

It decides if I am allowed to talk to my family and friends.

It decides when it needs a rest and switches off as it wishes.

In f act the only thing it hasn't decided yet is whether or not I am going to throw it out of the window.

Shhhhhhhhh I'm trying to creep up on it.


dundustin said...

that made me giggle....get a mac, they are so much better behaved.

Simon said...

or a little Asus running linux!

English Blogger said...

Oh dear, computers can be a pain, but it is usually an east fix. I wish I was closer I would spend a bit of time with it giving it a health smack for you.

Carl said...

Yes, you need a Mac. I'll install it and teach you how to use it if you like. In return I'll have a few days on your boat to see how much fun it is.

Sounds like a deal.

Anonymous said...

He dont need a Mac it aint raining

Maffi said...

Hi Carl, Thats a good swap a Mac for a boat trip.

Carl said...

I didn't say I'd buy it for you!