Wednesday, 4 February 2009

On being angry

A very good friend once told me, "When writing a letter of complaint, write two".

The first one is the one that says what you really want to say and gets it out of your system. The second is the one you send which is a lot more controlled and will be read and if you are lucky get acted on.

The same applies to blog posts. A venomous blog post just gets peoples back up and does nothing for community harmony. I am still very angry at the way I was spoken to but I have changed the post I wrote about my pump out problem because it was a 'first' post when it really should have been a 'second'.

When living in a small community venom provokes harsh reactions. Harmony is broken and that has a knock on effect on ones nearest and dearest.

I am still angry, but I recognise that my anger has made it difficult for my friends and I am sorry for that. I apologise to the 'club' unreservedly if they feel I was having a pop at them, which of course I wasn't.


Keith and Jo said...

Hi Maffi.
I know exactly what you mean and a step backwards is always a good idea in such a case. I have had to do such a step backward this morning, because I was so angry by a situation, but it will serve no purpose to write about it as it will prevoke unhappiness all around and I am not into such a thing, but I do totally understand your point.

Nev Wells said...


I am one of the angriest people I know, but I also know how unhappy it makes me. Suck it in, count to ten and walk the other way is what I'm saying - of course I don't do it - just wish I had afterwards.

One thing I try to remember and tell my lads - ' don't let someone else decide how you are going to react.....'

I must try harder, I must try harder.....

Take care


Maffi said...

I have been reacting like twat so long I don't know if it is them or me that decides. Thanks Nev.

Anonymous said...

I have been reacting like a twat so long that nobody around me cares any more. Suits me fine.

Perhaps not caring any more might help you realise that it's really not that important... I mean, this has been going on for ages!

Jo said...

Don't you feel though, that you should be able to say what you feel. More and more I am realising that we tend to watch we say in case we offend someone, but they could not care a hoot if they offend us with what they say. I am not one for conflict, but at times my blood boils and it seems to be getting worse as I get older.

Allan said...

The saying look before you leap comes to mind
Pride comes before a fall
Think before you speak
Engage your brain before your mouth
Or engage brain before blog/post
The Pen is mightier than the sword having wrote moves on
At least with the pen one may be offended, but you still live with the sword one is dead
So let’s live with it and now move on
Sorry just having a ramble not wanting to offend anyone