Saturday, 21 February 2009


Its a wonderful day here at Thrupp. The sun is shining gloriously and the road traffic noise is deafening. Time to move methinks! Bones and I set off about nine to Shipton picking up PJ on the way. She towed me all the way back to Thrupp lift bridge where I slipped cross straps and moored to help PJ through the bridge. Where upon I deposited rubbish in the bins and reversed to the wide to turn around.

Bones had gone on ahead and was moored at the Shipton lift bridge where she was waiting with the bridge open for me. The plan was I would moor up and open the bridge for her and PJ and we would decide, over a cuppa, what we were going to do for the weekend, this almost went to plan.

As I returned to the bridge having tied Milly M on the centre rope, Two walkers happened by.

Said he, "Aren't you Mortimer Bones the Journalist?"

Said Mrs the walker, "I have just been reading your article about the side hatch".

Well Bones, firmly convinced now that she is a 'famous journalist', went into her 'my public loves me' mode. Explaining to Mrs the walker about the side hatch and I chatted to Mr the walker and explained, in response to his question, how one would get through the bridge solo should the need arise.

PJ duly arrived and I raised the bridge and he breasted up to me. After many, many minutes milking the 'fame' situation Bones bought her boat through and moored in front. Passing me holding the bridge she said,"If you want me I will be the famous one". I was oh sooooo tempted to drop the bridge. Methinks she may become insufferable by the time we get back tomorrow.

After coffee we carried on to Shipton Lock, all three boats in together. PJ sped off up the river to blow some soot out of his engine while Bones and I turned around a re-entered the lock to moor up down by the lift bridge. Before leaving the Lock I back set it for PJ who was only going to Bakers lock and back.

Here we all are moored just north of Shipton Lift Bridge to spend a quiet weekend away from the road noise. Bones is down in her bilges, I am doing my washing up and PJ is doing something with a bit of wood. All is quiet. I have a good view of the chimney of the cement works, which is on the quarry where I shall be working from Monday. If anyone knows a bulldozer driver and a 360 operator who need a job I think I can help.

So now to continue with the weekend.


Simon said...

I just love it when I get to read two different accounts of the same events... ;-)

English Blogger said...

LOL it is good to read two perspectives, I hope you had a great weekend

charlieee said...


i love the new look of your blog....nicee.