Saturday, 14 February 2009


Well Saturday arrived and the open water beckoned. breakfast was cooked aboard the good ship Bones. Claire who visited last night waived us good-bye as we set off. Whilst Milly M stayed put PJ brought 'nb OCELOT' down and we all (Bones me) set off with PJ to Wolvercote. Took us a while but we got there in the end. At Dukes Cut PJ turned round and was towed backwards down to Wolvercote Lock where he was left to fend for himself. Good job really or more than his coffee cup might have gone swimming. South of Wolvercote Bridge the bank is abysmal it is very difficult to get Bones in to the edge Ocelot is deeper drafted.
We all had dinner at the plough. If you ever come this way do stop and try it.

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