Friday, 6 February 2009


We awoke on Thursday to snow! More snow than I have seen in a long time. Even that early in the morning someone had set foot in 'our' snow. A thin layer of ice topped with snow shrouded the canal so thin the ducks could swim through it, leaving tracks that reminded me of contrails in the sky.

Photo by Mortimer Bones

The roads were clear so I drove Bones to work. Have you noticed that girls alway seem to wear inapropriate foot wear in snow, not Bones but others that we passed on the way.

The thaw had started by the afternoon and 'our' snow became slush, boo hoo!

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dundustin said...

wow truly beautiful. do you have any pics of the interior layout of your boat. it will be 6 years before im mortgage free and then i plan on getting a canal boat. so reading your blogs keeps my dream alive :)