Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Give your name
THERE are no few people registering with the narrowboatworld Forum that are failing to give their names, so are not being accepted.

It is the policy that anonymity is not allowed, as this more than anything gives rise to unacceptable postings. Though once registered a nickname can be used.

People thus not accepted can still view the posting but are unable to post. Of the people not giving their names, we have not noticed any of them re-registering, so perhaps it was a wise precaution. 11/02

I signed on and was rejected for just this reason but not because I wanted to make unacceptable postings as NBW suggests but I wanted to talk about canals without the 'Maffi' title I have. It would be nice to talk canals sometimes anonomously. Victor should be one to understand this as if he were to sign on at CWDF he would be inundateded with unacceptable replies and abuse.

The reason I have not re-registered is simple, I don't want to! Perhaps TC's 'wise precaution' wasn't. What does amaze me is that people who not so long ago 'didn't' do forums are suddenly so up on what forums do and dont do. I suspect they (at NBW) have all ben secret lurkers at CWDF for years.


Anonymous said...

cant you register as some made up name from some new email address? It cant be hard. Anyway, why not register as yourself (Maffi), it is good to put your name where your mouth is as it were - it adds a bit of 'responsibility' to your posts.

Unless of course, TC thinks that Maffi isn't a name and has not registered you for that purpose?


Maffi said...

I have done a lot of that in the past and where has it got me?