Thursday, 12 February 2009

Pump out kit

Today after a sucessful session at the water point I decided to buy my own pump out kit. The pump I borrowed was ok but it had short pipes and had to be pumped into a 25 ltr container then emptied down the elsan point.

This is more than the Midland Chandlers one (£120) the difference being a rigid pipe from the boat to the pump and better fitings and the pump unit is mounted on a board. This one is from Mailspeed and at £190 is a bargain. The exact same item from Leesan is £260. In fact it is so much the same they both use the same picture.

Of course at 190 sovs it will take longer to recoup the outlay but by the middle of next year I will be in credit profit.


MortimerBones said...

PAH! All that hard work I put into finding out all about it, and I get no recognition. sulk.


Ernie said...

Hi Maffi, I have one of those pump out kits. Works a treat. Paid for itself many times over. Good exercise as well.
All the best
Ernie nb Ten Bob Note

brian said...

you should carry on using the 25 ltr drum when pumping out, this then is classed as a cassette and it keeps all sceptics happy (b.w.)

Anonymous said...

Opps Maffi you is in trouble

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - why is Maffi in trouble?

Maffi said...

What have I done now?

Maffi said...

Hi Ernie where did you get your from?

Maffi said...

Your time will come Bones

Alan said...

We have one of these, they are very good. We unfortunately bought ours from Lee at over £200 a couple of years ago. We had packed it away and forgotten about it. Its out now!


Anonymous said...

O the joys of boating lol


TT said...

OOH! OOH! I want one too! I really do in fact, I'm sure they pay for themselves very quickly in the long run. What's worrying is how excited I'm getting about a poo-pump. Anyway, glad I found your blog, Maffi!
Hopefully see you out and about someday!
Toby (Wilshamstead)