Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Ecology at the quarry

This ecology stuff is really not working. The 168 acre quarry is divided into sections. Some sections are trapped ( newts, toads, frogs, slow worms, etc) and the trappings are placed in a sanctuary, away from where we are going to start working.

Every morning we have the newt trapper visit all the traps and he transposes all the newts, toads, etc into the safe area. Unfortunately this is quite close to the Rookery. Our black feathered friends treat the 'sanctuary' like McDonald's and spend most mornings snacking MacNewt burgers.

For baby formula the Peregrine Falcons regurgitate Little Ring neck Plovers this is not helping our conservation efforts. LRPs are not indigenous to this country, methinks they might bugger off if they keep having their young snatched, we live in hope.

The Ravens have, so we are told, fledged but they will be back next year, shame really cos the place they call home will be demolished.

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