Friday, 19 June 2009


My insurance is due for renewal in a few months so I am looking around. I asked Newton Crum for a quote. I received two emails from Nautical something or other, who I assume is NC but I don't know. the two emails contained between them 25 PDF files only one of which I wanted. some of the rest I would have expected if I were to go ahead with insuring my boat with them but I don't think so. I cant afford to pay for the CEO's new Merc.

I could never see the point of having a £150 excess on the insurance. What it means is that you are not insured for the stuff that gets damaged the most. My current insurance company doesn't even cover my laptop (because, "we want to discourage people keeping high value items on their boat") They tell me they do an additional policy to cover house contents, I bet they do! When I suggested they give me a reduction in the boat premium if I took out contents insurance separate they responded like I was an alien. "Oh no sir we don't do that". Insurance is a a big con. It is a con because we allow it to happen.

Anyway listed in one of the PDF files was a section on 'Thing I would not be covered for'.

Page 5 What you are not covered for:

• the Excess shown within the schedule.
• loss or damage unless the Vessel has lockable storage.
• theft from an unattended motor vehicle unless the vehicle was securely locked and the personal items hidden from view.
• damp, mould, mildew, vermin and moth.
• mechanical or electrical failure or breakdown.
• loss or damage to computer equipment or computer software, mobile phones, jewellery, furs, photographic equipment, works of art and spectacles.
• breakage of items of a fragile nature.
• loss of money, travellers cheques, credit or debit cards.
• loss or damage to water skis, water toys, fishing, diving and sports equipment whilst in use.
• wear, tear, depreciation or gradual deterioration.
• any one item in excess of £200 unless agreed in writing by us.

Some of these are valid I suppose but those highlighted in red are all things, I think, should be covered in one's 'home'.

Page 7 What you are not covered for:
• scratching, denting, bruising and chafing. They are MAD

So all in all insurance brokers are about as reprehensible as estate agents though they may be on a slightly higher rung of the ladder.


John said...

Hi Maffi,
Try Craftinsure

Maffi said...

I am already insured with them. They are the people who are 'trying to discourage owners from having high value gear on their boats'.

KG1 said...

Hiya Maffi

Have you tried euromarine?

Jhon smith said...

really a nice post. thnaks for sharing the information.

Bhima shankar said...

Euro marine is also a good option. thanks for sharing.