Thursday, 25 June 2009

It duz me 'ead in.

Some while ago I was having a few problems coping with life. I don't think I have it sorted yet but at least I am feeling better than I did. During this time something that caused me great problems was the introduction of the UK Waterways Ranking (UKWRS) site. I could not understand how those of us who had used the 100 Top Boating sites in the past could suddenly be pulling 10 times more hits than before. One site went from about 100 hits a month (using his old hit meter(which is no longer available for public scrutiny)) to well over 1000 a day with the new site. My head, which was not really working well in the real world at all, was struggling with this cyber anomaly.

The whole concept of counting hits at a given site may well vary from program to program, but a hit is a hit, so not by much surely? I spoke to Tony Blews about it and he told me he had made it so that a site owner couldn't just sit and click on his own site continuously to improve his position. Tony has tried, and I believe is still trying, to make the system fool proof.

The only way I could personally deal with this was to ask Tony to take me off the site so I wasn't a part of what was really causing me some mental discomfort while trying to deal with lots of other problems I was having.

It has all settled down now but there is still, in my opinion quite a considerable difference between the two sites. The list below shows today's hits on both sites and I still cannot get my head around it all. I suppose I am asking if anyone can explain to me why there is such a difference. The differences range from double to triple. The first figure is the 4 day average from top 100 the second figure is 7 day average from UKWRS.
Jim Shead's________761__2269
Pennine Waterways__575__1240
Granny Buttons_____460___673
No Problem________187___259
UK CANALS_______151____251
Gypsy Rover_______97____144
Narrowboat Bones___73_____100
NB Lucky Duck_____62_____104

I have taken the UKWRS 7 day total and divided by 7 to get the daily average.

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Bill Rodgers said...

I would guess that it has to do with RSS feeds or maybe page hits verses site hits. Either way, I'm sure most people like myself continue to visit the sites we enjoy and not because they're popular on some person's list.