Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Jolly Boatman

[editorial update] {This pub has changed hands since this post was written and the standards are excellent. The food is fantastic. April 2011}

Mort came up from Oxford yesterday to feed Mr Paris' fish and stopped by the boat to see how I was. While there 'Aitch turned up on his motorcycle and I offered tea all round. Oops no milk so we toddled off to the Jolly Boatman. The JB is not our pub of choice, but Annie's Tea Room closes at 5 so it was the JB for tea.

Two teas and a Lemonade and lime shouldn't be difficult. Indeed the L&L wasn't, the tea was, difficult that is.

The teapot barely contained enough tea for two cups and the crockery/cutlery was dirty. I returned two cups and a spoon and no one seemed bothered. It is dark in the pub so I didn't notice that the cups they gave me were also dirty. However when I got outside we noticed the inside bottom was cracked and the outside bottom had dried tea drips on it. I took it back and said they really need to sort out their washing up technique. The girl looked and said its a crack, well that was my point in part, I asked her to look at the bottom of the cup. No one seemed to be bothered that standards were appallingly low, indeed they seemed to think I was the problem. However with another cup in hand I went outside again only to find this was also dirty. After the third trip 'Aitch decided he really wanted his cup of tea and wouldn't let me take that cup back.

You may think I am just whinging but I wouldn't have done this if it wasn't so bad. Going into the pub from the canal side for me is difficult. Out of the bright sun into a gloomy pub with my eyes is not easy. There are two steps between the dining room and the bar which, though marked with a white edge, are difficult to see because the light over the steps has blown and has not been replaced. I told them about this two weeks ago.

Since Steve and Joan left, March last year, these are the second lot to take over, the previous incumbents had difficulty making it work, and these new boys might just fail as well given their poor washing up skills and customer service attitude. Time will tell.

Meanwhile if anyone ask the location of a good food pub we always point them to the BOAT INN. Nothing is to much trouble for them, except Scampi Skips, and the food is fantastic. Zoltan, the Hungarian Chef, is an artist of some incredible genius.

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