Saturday, 13 June 2009

Learning the rules

Twenty five years I spent in the RAF as an electrical engineer and even after all that time I was still learning.

Two and a half years I have been living on a boat and with the basics being left, right, forwards and backwards I think I have mastered that much. I am always willing to learn something new or be appraised of rules I have not heard of before, it's how we accummulate infomation and helps us to get on with others.

Last month while reversing the half mile from my mooring to the water point I learned something that had never even occured to me before. My tail end was nearing Sparrow Gap Bridge while another boat was about 150 yards away. It was my bridge so I continued through. The other boat continued to come to the bridge. As the boat neared obviously not prepared to give way a very pompous lady on the front of the boat said, "You can't reverse through the bridge, we want to come through".

RULE:- It is unforgiveable to reverse through a bridge when someone else wants to come through, especially a shiney boat with pompous occupants.

I suppose I could have gone forward then moved over to let them through, but you know how it is when you are on a roll, the boat is going back 'arrow' straight, it is hard to spoil the moment for the sake of someone who scrubs the algae off the waterline before taking the boat out of the marina.


Anonymous said...

Or gets someone else to scrub the algae off!!!
When working in retail my way of dealing with people like this was to be just so polite it was obvious you were being rude but they were unable to say you were rude!

Jill and Graham said...

a boat going backwards always has priority in bridge holes, everyone knows that.

Maffi said...

DO they?