Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Life in Thrupp

Well things have perked up we have had a grand total of 6 trucks in 5 days.. Ho hum! Life here is easy paced it is very beautiful and in between small jobs we get to watch the wildlife and relax a bit. Visitors are somewhat plentiful because everyone and his uncle wants to be sure we are running the place properly. Natural England came this morning, not sure why they came this quarry used to be a hill so is not natural in any way. English Nature have been, the council have made a visit (probably hoping to catch us out), Our resident birder visits once a week and various managers show their faces on an ad hoc basis.

Down on the canal life is amusing and social. You see the funniest things, speeding boaters pretending they don't see you, newbies zig zagging up the canal, friends stopping for a chat. I suppose the funniest of all is the odd overstayer who think they just have to say they want the wharf and they get it. Another Mark throws his weight around a bit and threatens to 'crop' the chain but he's harmless enough. At the end of the day the wharf is private and that's an end to it.

Mary on Puddleduck came by on her way to the Thames and was enquiring about where she could get a rope for her anchor chain. I was able to give her a suitable length of rope to help her on her way.

Balmaha came past back from the K&A. It doesn't seem that long ago that they went down.

Colin and Joy, nb Sleepy Otter, are in Banbury and should be here at the weekend.

Mark and PJ are on their way back from their 'epic' journey to the Millau bridge in France and should be back in Thrupp in time for an evening meal in the Boat Inn.

Mort of course is in Oxford with Bones and Boots and Stanley.

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