Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Before Bones got her dog BOOTS some people we know were thinking of letting their dog go. We said we would have her she is an adorable Staff/JR cross. but they changed their minds.

Bones with her dog head on then started looking around for another dog and Boots came along. About 6 weeks he has been here. The "friend's" now decided that they would like the dog to go to a good home. Bad timing on their part.

Of course I said I would have her and on Sunday I went to pick her up. I am not really sure I am the type to be responsible enough to be a good dog owner, I have always said not, but here we are; I have a dog and she is stuck with me like it or not.

Her name is Molly. Anyone who does the Milly Molly Mandy thing will incur short shrift from me so don't try it.

We are learning about each other at the moment although she just licks and wag her tail endlessly. She has, inkeeping wit most staff's I have seen, a smile that resembles a Basking Shark. She is white covered in black/brown patches. At the young age of two she has already had one litter so a trip to the vets is in order.

Pictures will appear when I have some.


canal_junkie said...

Wot no picture!!!

Maffi said...

May I respectfully draw your attention to the last line of the post.

Anonymous said...

They are often good listeners and give a well grounded outlook on life - failing that there's always someone to swear at :-)

grey wolf said...

stroking a dog is supposed to be very restful reducing the stresses of the day.Staffies like chewing things so it might be wise to get in things for her to chew poundland do a good range of these best of luck.