Thursday, 11 June 2009


Well today we opened for business at 0700 and the trucks came flooding in . . . both of them. Not quite the success we had hoped for but it's a start.


John Slee said...

You are making a lot of assumptions about what your readers know.
It's not quite at the level of "We know nothing", but not far above that strata.
What were you hoping the lorries would do? Take stones away from the quarry? Have a picnic in the ecology area? Please spill.

Anonymous said...

Two is good they will tell two more and that 4and they will tell 4 more and thats 8 and soon you will have more than you can cope with good luck


Maffi said...

Ahh . . . well . . . now . . . I wonder if that is important. Given that we were open for business and only two trucks arrived and I was not happy with that does a reader need to know any more?

Being as you asked I was hoping that the truck would come and sit on the weighbridge so I could tell them how much they weighed before sending them off to 'tip their load' so to speak.

We will in the fullness of time be a working quarry shifting up to a million cubic metres of Cotswold stone, but until the wildlife problems have been sorted out (there is too much of it) we are carrying out our other role of waste management.

How are you and Fi doing John?

mort bones said...

what sort of business are you open for Maffi?

Ah.. I see you explain later on...

tee hee!