Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Charlie's hirer's still come speeding past and rock the boat. I have mentioned it to Martin, who does the training and see offs, and he says he tells them to go at tick over past moored boats.. My boat is well tied and does not move much but some boaters are moored on grass banks and their pins pop out with every passing boat. Dave's hirer's at Oxfordshire Narrowboats get us from the other direction.

I called to one chap last weekend, poncey git in a pink hooped ruby shirt, that he should slow down and he set his chin to the wind and ignored me so I called again. This time he slowed down.

Private boaters can be the worst.

It's not about knocking over cups of boiling tea, its not about falling over and cracking your skull its about respect for the other people on the canal and the canal itself. Some of these students will never come to the canal again, no great loss, some may come back only in their 40's 50's and then they will complain about the condition of the banks and lack of suitable moorings.

It is not good enough that the APCO have set out the rules for their members they need to ensure that the training emphasises the annoyance factor, the damage done and they need to be pro-active and make more visits to the members and observe the handover process. If the APCO want to have their say in how the canals are operated (whch they do) then they must assume responsibility for their members. Perhaps if there was a fine when a boat/company was reported for speeding the hirer's and hirees might get the message, but that would require the company to have the phone number bold on the side of the boat which I don't think College Cruisers does.


Richard Fairhurst said...

You're not that far from Upper Heyford where a villager has a fake yellow speed camera in their front garden. Maybe you could ask to borrow it...

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser http://nbharnser.blogspot.com said...

They also need to explain what "Slow Down" is, when I first started boating I throttled back when passing moored boats and got shouted at, It was some time before I found out how much you need slow down by and how early you need to do it. I was upsetting people by total ignorance.

Maffi said...

Now thats a good idea Richard