Monday, 29 June 2009

Wallets and Water, Banks and B*ll*x

Thursday night I walked home from work through Shipton Village with the dogs, its not far. Along the towpath I came to Colin's boat Sleepy Otter and sat a while, had a cuppa and a chat as you do.

It was whilst sitting on the gunnel my wallet plopped into the water. My debit card which was not in the wallet went as well but I saw it just in time and grabbed it out of the water. Despite wading chest deep in the in the canal for half an hour the wallet plus driving licence and three other bank cards were not seen again.

Time to call the banks. First Direct no problem. A new card will be issued. I emphasised that I had the debit card in my hand and that it should not be cancelled. They were happy with that!

HSBC accepted my request to cancel my other two cards, but wanted me to FAX a request for replacement. I do all my banking on line so I don't need to fax phone or otherwise faf about, but no, a FAX or letter is all they would accept. I said I could go on line to request the cards, but she said, "That is not acceptable, we do not do that for offshore accounts". I said that is not acceptable and will be closing both my Sterling and Dollar accounts. The lady on the other end, an American, who obviously doesn't understand that we Brits don't do 'being told' said, "I respect your decision to do that". What she really meant was, "You are up your a**e see if we care". So both the accounts are now defunct.

But there's more. Friday morning I received a call from First Direct checking that I didn't want a stop put on my debit card, which I suppose was nice of them to check. "No", says I, "I have the debit card in my hand just cancel the credit card. Thank you". On Friday evening I went to the ATM to get cash for the weekend . . . . . . and the the ATM wouldn't give me any money!!!!!!!!! I called FD and asked them what was happening. "Ah", said they, "our mistake", and put it right there and then. Well at least someone in the banking world gives service. Thank you First Direct.


James said...

At least it looks like you're getting the new cards promptly... it took NatWest 6 months to get me a replacement card.

Ratty said...

I've been with FD since the late 80's and converted many skeptics that a bank really can be that good...

They really do come up trumps...